Trending Colors in Fall Formalwear

Back in July, the color making and trendsetting company, Pantone, released its predictions for which colors would dominate fall and winter collections. Not surprisingly, their outlook was accurate. The following colors are currently trending in fall and winter formalwear.

Formal Dress 1408 by 2cute

Pastels are popular this season.


  • Brown – Although black endures as a formalwear staple, there has been a shift towards brown, as it’s the classic natural anchor.
  • Pastels – Once just part of the springtime palette, pastels now bring softness to fall and winter collections and also act as a contrast to darker shades.
  • Coral – Bright holiday reds are increasingly being substituted for gentler coral tones, sometimes pairing with deeper coppery reds.
  • White – Once the post-Labor Day taboo, winter whites bring simplicity and elegance to fall and winter formalwear, especially when used on textured material.
  • Purple – Just in time for Mardi Gras, purple has made a comeback to bring warmth and depth to fall and winter collections.


Stay on trend by incorporating these colors into your fall formalwear wardrobe. And remember, our personal consultants are always here to help you find anything you may need.

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