Ennie’s Humbug Spring Gift Guide

Between recitals, graduations, Mother’s Day, and even birthdays, it can seem like you’re constantly buying gifts at this time of year. Being budget-conscious is probably at the top of your mind, but so too is the desire to find that lucky someone a great gift. The perfect present is equal parts thoughtful and useful, while being something recipient is unlikely to buy for themselves.

At Ennie’s Humbug, we’re here to help you find just the right thing, whatever the occasion.

  • For dancers, our custom cover-ups fit all of these criteria: they’re cute and fun but will serve the purpose of keeping her warm backstage.
  • Along the same lines, our colorful garment bags will help your favorite dancer stay organized, while adding add a pop of color to her dance accessories.
  • Help get the non-dancer ready for summer soirees by taking advantage of our dress and gown sale.
  • Also shop our new line handmade printed skirts, tunics, and separates – great for all ages!

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