Ennie’s Humbug Custom Collaborations

Over the past couple months, you may have noticed the growing collection of Ennie’s Humbug exclusive custom intventory. Ennie’s Humbug is proud to offer its customers premium products through collaborations with worthwhile brands.

On the Ennie’s side, our NeauxLa Dancewear is already a customer favorite. We are the only providers of this line, which now includes tights, leotards, and duffel bags. Coming in colors like “praline,” you know that when you buy of our NeauxLa leotards, you are supporting a New Orleans small business.

Meanwhile, Humbug has added a line of dresses, two-pieces, and tunics handmade by artisans in India! You’ve got to see the ornate detailing on these quality pieces for yourself.

So we hope you stop to check out our latest additions! We constantly strive to bring a fresh, quality items to our loyal customers.


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